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Tailored for Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs face unique decision-making challenges. Our AI Coach equips you with the tools and frameworks you need to overcome analysis paralysis.

Streamline Decision-Making

Feeling overwhelmed by options? Our AI Coach cuts through the noise, helping you make clear, confident decisions in half the time.

Exclusive Entrepreneur Community

Connect with like-minded entrepreneurs in our exclusive community, share challenges, insights, and refine your approach to business.

Discover 50+ Strategic Mental Models for Entrepreneurs

You don't have the time or energy to think through all the options. That's where our AI Coach comes in, it helps you make better decisions by using mental models and providing personalized insights.

Model of Constraints
Model of Constraints

Pinpoint and strategically manage essential limitations in your projects, focusing your efforts on resource optimization for enhanced efficiency.

Illusion of Control
Illusion of Control

Recognize the boundaries of your influence in uncertain situations, fostering more realistic evaluations and informed choices in your entrepreneurial journey.

Confirmation Bias
Confirmation Bias

Sidestep decision-making biases by actively seeking diverse perspectives, ensuring a more balanced and accurate analysis for your business strategies.

Uncover the Roots: Thoughtful Questioning

Don't let complex decisions paralyze you. Our AI Coach uses insightful questioning to get to the heart of your entrepreneurial challenges, helping you identify hidden assumptions and explore all angles before making a confident choice.


Thrive in Our Exclusive Community

The entrepreneurial journey can be isolating. Our exclusive community provides a supportive network of fellow entrepreneurs where you can share challenges, gain valuable insights from their experiences, and refine your approach to business together.

Transform Conversations Into Entrepreneurial Action Plans

Stop the cycle of indecision and overthinking on a problem over and over! Our AI Coach transforms your brainstorming sessions into actionable plans. After each insightful session, you'll receive a personalized 3-step action plan.

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Why Choose MM AI Coach?

Reviewer 1


Learning mental models helps you make decisions like playing a 5D chess game, allowing you to escape the matrix. Personally, it has changed the way I perceive reality and has enabled me to start my own business. For early-stage entrepreneurs, it is essential to get your foot in the game. Changing your mindset is the foundation that will impact your entire life's journey.
Reviewer 2

Data Scientist

I've been using the MM AI Coach for self-coaching, and it's been a game-changer! The biggest benefit for me is the focus on logic and mental models. It helps me approach challenges more objectively & strategically, rather than getting caught up in emotions. Overall, MM AI Coach is a great tool for open-minded individuals who want to develop themselves & leverage AI to enhance their thinking.

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Monthly Plan

$9 USD / month

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Yearly Plan - Launch Offer

$49 USD / year

  • AI Coach
  • 50+ Mental Models
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Who is this app built for?

This app is designed for entrepreneurs, business leaders, and individuals seeking to improve their decision-making skills. It's especially beneficial for those who face complex challenges and want to enhance their strategic thinking and problem-solving abilities.

What are mental models?

Mental models are frameworks for thinking. They help you understand life, make informed decisions, and solve problems more effectively. Leveraging mental models enables you to view problems from different perspectives, leading to better decision-making.

How does an AI Coach utilize mental models for decision-making?

Our AI Coach, equipped with various mental models, guides you through a thoughtful questioning process. It helps you analyze situations, suggests suitable mental models for decision-making, and generates a summary and action plan tailored to your specific needs.

How are payments processed?

Your security is our priority. All payments are securely processed through Stripe, a leading online payment processor. We accept various forms of payment, including major credit and debit cards. Rest assured, we do not store your payment information on our servers.

Satisfaction Guaranteed: risk-free refunds

We are confident you'll love the value of MM AI Coach. That's why we offer a 7-day money-back guarantee. If you're not satisfied within the first 7 days of your purchase, simply contact us and we'll process a full refund immediately.